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Energy Insulation, Inc.
PO Box 2084
Ridgeland MS 39158

ph:  601-898-0888
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Testimonials from our customers:

Ö Living in a house of 1440 sq. ft.with regular batting insulation and the thermostat set at 72, we still fell cold spots throughout. However, with NuWool cellulose insulation in the new home that is 2500 sq. ft. heated, the thermostat is at 68 and the home is cozy warm. As far as Iím concerned, to insulate with any other product or company would be a big mistake.

K. Reid
Madison, MS

"Our home (1600 sq. ft.) was built in 1961.  The years had almost flattened the existing attic insulation, and we could feel how hot it was, especially in the summer months.  Also, we were adding in a pantry and needed Energy Insulation to retrofit several of our walls to make them insulated for the pantry project.  Watching them drill into the existing board and blow in the new insulation, I was, truthfully, a little bit skeptical as to how it would really end up.  The end result was so much more than I could have imagined!  I actually had 2 sets of neighbors come over the next day to see this pantry and they could immediately feel the temperature difference inside the room and were astonished at how quiet the room was.  Furthermore, it has been about a week since the attic was blown with the NuWool insulation.  I don't think we've ever been this comfortable.  Thanks Rixon and the team at Energy Insulation! "

Bryan Adams
Jackson, MS


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